Listing Requirements

To protect the interests of our users, SafeTrade will review the projects before being traded on SafeTrade. Please read everything on this page before applying. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact anyone from the team.

We want to highlight that we currently reject these types of projects: 

Information we require to start the reviewing process:

After approval

If approved, the project will get added to our voting list. 

Voting for a coin requires users to send any amount of SafeCoin to the assigned address. Users can vote for one or multiple coins as often as the like. Votes are not refundable, but they are not lost from one voting round to another. They will get added to the next voting round.

Click here to see the voting list.


SafeTrade reserves the right to keep or remove any project from the exchange if the project breaks any of the following conditions - including but not limited to:

Illegal activities

Technical Problems

Project Progress

Team Problems

Trading Activities 

SafeTrade will have the final interpretation of the above and issue a delisting announcement for projects that breaks the conditions in advance. Users will be informed to transfer their funds out of their SafeTrade wallets immediately.

SafeTrade reserves the right to change the policy in the future, but not without informing the projects.

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